Emistic allows you to create links that will lead to the content you choose.
The creator of the stories, poems, website code, and haiku posted on the website is Mirosław Mitka.
You will occasionally hear noises while using the site. They are made available thanks to the possibilities offered by Youtube. If I infringe the copyright of a specific work, please contact me. The link will be removed.

Check the name of the song and artist: Hover over the browser icon in the taskbar.
Links for fun
Create a link and make your recipient surprised/amused. All because of what you wrote and where the link goes. Have fun.

Creating links on the site is free.
Commercial links
You can also create commercial links that will improve your business.

Creating links on the site is free.
Check the link
Check where the Emistic link leads.
Secure sites
Thanks to the list of safe pages , people clicking on the Emistic link are not exposed to attempts of extortion or theft. The danger of being redirected to unsafe sites ceases to exist. Only approved sites can be found under the emistic link.

If you believe that the page you want to link to is safe, but it is not on the safe list, please contact me . Until a page is on the safe list, Emistic prevents the creation of links that would lead to it.
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