Linking rules
1. Link building is free.
2. The link may contain up to 1900 characters.
3. Links cannot contain the following characters " ; <$> '
4. Space in links is replaced with _
5. You can use any character system and emoji. 😺
Why create Emistic links?
Create Emistic links for security. If you ever click on a link, Emistic can only take you to secure sites.

Determine what content the links should contain.
Set their length.

Thanks to Emistic, you decide what the link looks like.
In addition, you ensure the safety of the person who will use it.
Website regulations
1. Emistic is a place where you can create your own links for free. The site also allows you to browse the texts of the site's author.

2. Create links
Creating links is free. Thanks to Emistic's maintenance of a list of safe pages, a person using Emistic's links can be redirected only to safe pages. The link may be removed at any time for security reasons.

3. Link redirection
This site allows you to create links to third parties. Emistic is not responsible for the content and activities posted on the page to which the link leads.

4. Check link
The website allows you to check which third party a given link leads to.

5. Other content
All texts on the website are written by Mirosław Mitka.

6. Final information
The data administrator is the creator and website owner (Miroslaw Mitka).
By staying on the site, you accept the site's regulations.
The administrator reserves the right to change the regulations.
The website uses only necessary cookies. The data administrator is the website owner.